Thursday, 29 October 2009

Kasper fun!

What a fun character!! So many awesome silly shapes!

I only inked it by the way, the drawing is done by the amazing John Krisfaluci, I snatched it from a storyboard panel on his blog, hope you enjoy! :)

The original:

My ink job:
Click to englarge please, it looks super ugly compressed.

Ewwww I hate that plain white look, needs some colour! Especially surrounding him.

Another very very very old animation:


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

It starts with a


This picture was done maybe like a month ago? It was before I started the Preston blair lessons, infact I don't even know if I used construction for this at all, I think I just went straight ahead for it, so as expected there are a shitload of mistakes. I use construction now, cause i'm cool that way.

Same applies here, done before my Preston days. They were for a weird video game I was supposed to be creating for College, which in the end I just ended up drawing loads of different characters and thinking up a place for them to live. So that flopped, I had fun though!

It's supposed to be Chris Rock, pretty fail aye. Needs more PRACTICE!

This is the family dog, Miley moo cow! Her neck bulges from her collar, plus all the way from her skull down to her nose she has a centre line very clearly defined, she's real fun to draw!

Oh yeah I used to animate too, from like the ages of 14-17, but then I stopped mostly, gotta be better at drawing you see. But I still have some of the tests and stuff on my computer, all frame by frame stuff in flash. I might upload 1 old animation a day for you guys to see, they're pretty sucky, but it's all in good fun right :D


Yeah I made pretty silly pointless stuff, but I did learn some stuff about animation too.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So this is it

So I have a blog now, i've a terrible habit of screwing up and throwing away pretty much every drawing I do. New plan is to post stuff here relatively soon after I draw it. As time passes I will progress! I've been drawing alot from Preston Blair's book and from John K's blog they've the knowledge I require. I hope you have fun here!

I'm also thinking maybe I will post one caricature a day, i've actually amazingly enough never caricatured before. First one is HUGH LAURIE! Ain't he just awesome to draw!

Pretty sure Stimpy's my faviroute kitty cat EVER!

I actually got to show this drawing to John K and he said it was weird...But GOOD!!!!!! :D Awesome! It is pretty weird.

Some George, I was learning to draw him for a little bit, he's very complicated, I should be drawing Preston stuff!

Here's the drawing I copied from:

Bye for now!