Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So this is it

So I have a blog now, i've a terrible habit of screwing up and throwing away pretty much every drawing I do. New plan is to post stuff here relatively soon after I draw it. As time passes I will progress! I've been drawing alot from Preston Blair's book and from John K's blog they've the knowledge I require. I hope you have fun here!

I'm also thinking maybe I will post one caricature a day, i've actually amazingly enough never caricatured before. First one is HUGH LAURIE! Ain't he just awesome to draw!

Pretty sure Stimpy's my faviroute kitty cat EVER!

I actually got to show this drawing to John K and he said it was weird...But GOOD!!!!!! :D Awesome! It is pretty weird.

Some George, I was learning to draw him for a little bit, he's very complicated, I should be drawing Preston stuff!

Here's the drawing I copied from:

Bye for now!

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